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OCF Security Baseline overview

The OCF specification's security-first approach brings it into close alignment with several of the security guidelines from government and industry, including:

  • National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) NISTIR 8259 draft of recommendations IoT device manufacturers.
  • The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) C2 Consensus on IoT Device Security Baseline Capabilities.
  • UK's Code of Practice for Consumer IoT Security.
  • European Union Agency for CyberSecurity (ENISA) Baseline Security Recommendations for IoT.
  • European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) Baseline Security Requirements for IoT.
The graph below indicates how many security requirements per baseline are defined.
The Tab Baseline Summary Graph shows graphically the percentages met of security requirements per baseline.

The Tab Baseline table shows all requirement and how they are met. This is a searchable table. Usefull search criteria:

  • Search None will show all requirements that are not met, being not implemented or not applicable.
  • Search Not Applicable; will show the requirements that are not met and are not applicable.
  • Search Not Implemented; will show the requirements that are not met but are applicable.